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Deputy DeLisle spoke well before deputy Trott in the

Depositors Compensation Scheme Debate and it was his

address that brought Trott to his feet

25th November


"Guernsey has failed its depositors" said deputy David DeLisle, but the

Chief Minister chose to interpret that as the Administrators had failed

and attempted to twist things around and defend them. It was obvious

that Deputy DeLisle's comment was aimed at the Guernsey Government.

In the States debate on the Guernsey depositors Compebsation Scheme the Chief Minister Lyndon Trott states that Landsbanki Depositors may get more than 100% of their Money back.

25 November


He knows full well the Administrators issued their 4th report on

the 15th November 2010 and in that clearly state that Landsbanki

 Guernsey depositors are likely to get a return of 85% - 91% depending on market conditions over the next couple of years and

he failed to substantiate his comments of 100%.

Neil Dickens, Chairman of the Landsbanki Guernsey

Depositors Group is interviewed on radio Guernsey

after the fourth report from the Administrators is


16 November


Interview of

Neil Dickens



The Administrators of landsbanki Guernsey release their 4th report

which states that they will be applying for liquidation before the Royal

Court on 7th december 2010. A likely further payment to depositors

of, up to 7.5% may be paid in january 2011.

Radio Guernsey runs their Sunday Phone-in with Guernsey's Chief minister as the only guest, the normal format would be to have a

second guest to balance the discussions

24 October 2010

A number of Emails are read out concerning the 

Landsbanki Guernsey Fiasco, asking various questions. The Chief Minister fails to answer any of the questions in a meaningful manner.

Listen to the section on Landsbanki Guernsey. 

States of Guernsey meeting, question time Deputy

DeLisle asks the Chief minister Lyndon Trott some

pertinant questions on what he has done for depositors

over the last year. Deputy Matthews also asks a supplemental question

29 September 2010

 The Chief Minister's responses are deliberatly misleading,

in some places inaccurate, definatly not transparent, and

showed him in his true colours, a man not to be trusted.

Unfortunately 90% of Guernsey deputies haven't got a clue

what is going on over the Landsbanki Guernsey Fiasco.

BBC Radio Guernsey interview Gary Blanchford, Deputy

Chairman LGDAG (Guernsey) regarding the decision by

the Icelandic Winding up Board

16th August 2010

BBC Radio


Interview Gary


The Icelandic Winding Up Board had Just decided not to accept

Landsbanki Guernsey Depositors as Priority Creditors

BBC Guernsey News Re Letter sent to Policy Council on

10th August 2010 asking ,why no news from the Chief

Minister & policy Council since 10th August 2009

19th August 2010

BBC Radio

Guernsey News,


The Policy Council Secretary's response.

The LGDAG are still waiting for a response form the Chief Minister

and Policy Council to date (7 sept 2010)

The Guernsey States debate The GFSC 2009 Annual

report, which includes areas disputed by the LGDAG.

The audio has been cut to only include areas of interest

to landsbanki Depositors

28th July 2010

States Debate

GFSC 2009


The LGDAG dispute areas of this report which tend to place the

GFSC as the Saviours of the Landsbanki Guernsey Depositors.

Deputy sean McManus & DeLisle suggest a fully independent

inquiry is the way forward. Deputy Matthews concurs.

The Chief minister's summing up to the above report,


28th July 2010

The Chief Minister's summing up in full to the above debate , no

surprise that the Promontory report is the only excuse in his


BBC Guernsey interviews Deputy matt Fallaize over the

possibility of a Public inquiry into the whole Landsbanki

Guernsey Affair

7th April 2010




Matt Fallaize

The possibility of it going before the Scrutiny Committee

BBC radio Guernsey interviews LGDAG Deputy Chairman

Gary Blanchford on the implications of the Ministry of

Justice report, from their select Committee inquiry

1st April 2010

Gary Burgess


Gary Blanchford

The Justice Committee report on the Crown dependencies, which 

amongst other things found that "The representation of the

Crown dependencies on the international state by the UK

Government is not optional. (see report on reports page)

A documentary is made on The Landsbanki Guernsey 

Debacle by one of the depositorse who lives in Tailand

and radio Guernsey interview the LGDAG local Deputy

Chairman on the Documentary

11 January 2010




Gary Blanchford

The Documentary can be seen at the following link:

The Bank That Sank/Documentary

States of Guernsey Question time. Question by deputy

DeLisle to the Chief minister regarding Landsbanki


29 July 2009

Deputy DeLisle

asks questions

of Chief

Minister re


The Chief Minister answers deputy DeLisle's questions, in his

usual negative manner. The Chief Minister had also planted a

Deputy, Deputy Guille, to feed him a question which leaves him

an opening to read a prepared speech. This is the manner in

which the Landsbanki depositors have been treated by the Chief

Minister since it started. We are a thorn in his side.

Chief Minister Interrupts the Phone-in on Radio Guernsey

and offers to have a meeting with all the Landsbanki

Depositors, rather than just the Committee. We are still

waiting. (Sept 2010)

22nd February 2009

Chief Minister

Lyndon Trott

After about three invitations to attend a Landsbanki Depositors

General meeting and being turned down on each occasion, it

became obvious that the Chief Minister was reneging on his

Public promise.

The Treasury Select Committee hearing on the Icelandic

Crisis. Lyndon Trott is asked a question by the Chairman

John McFall MP.

3rd Feb 2009

Treasury Select


Hearing on the

Icelandic Crisis

John McFall MP

Deputy L Trott

His answer to the question has since

proved to be wrong. The Ministry

of justice Select Committee clearly

showed that the UK Treasury, whilst

giving the impression that they were

representing Guernsey, clearly they

were not. They were representing

themselves to the detriment of


The Treasury Select Committee hearing on the Icelandic

Crisis. Peter Neville GFSC Director general, James

Brown, Chief Minister, Isle of man and John Aspden

Chief Exec of the FSC, Isle of Man are Questioned by

John McFall MP

3rd Feb 2009

Treasury Select


Hearing on the

Icelandic Crisis

John McFall


John Aspden

FSC Isle of M

James Brown

CM, Isle of M

Peter Neville

Director General

Guernsey FSC

Questions relate to the cooperation that existed between the

UK Financial services Authority and the Islands Financial Services

Authorities. To say the least there was a breakdown in

Cooperation between the two and the Islands appear to have

failed in their own due diligence, relying totally on the FSA, who

were looking after themseves. (Landabanki & Kaupthing).

This is further backed up by letters that passed between

Peter Neville and his counterpart at the UK FSA in January 2009.

The Chief Minister, Lyndon Trott makes a statement

to the assembled house. This is followed by questions

from Deputy Matthews, regarding Landsbanki

Guernsey, who follows that with more questions to

Deputy Parkinson the Treasury Minister 

30th January 2009

States of



The Chief Minister had been critisised for failing to update no only

the Landsbanki Depositors but also States members

(Nothing has changed). His statement is long on people he has 

met and spoken to but short on substance as usual. But note

how well the UK Treasury was representing the Depositors in

Iceland. This has since been proven not to be the case. 

Radio Guernsey ask the Chief Minister what Guernsey

Government are doing to assist depositors.

8th November 2008 Chief minister's response

Question time in the States of Guernsey. The month

Landsbanki Guernsey has gone into administration.

Deputy Faiiaize asks questions of the Treasury Minister

Deputy Parkinson on Liquidation & Administration

29th October 2008





A second question is raised by Deputy Matthews regarding some

of the relevent questions being asked by depositors in emails to


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