A press release by the Landsbanki Guernsey Depositors action group, then edited and printed in the Guernsey Press on Friday 7th of August 2009 appears to have been usurped by a photograph of Guernsey’s Chief Minister shaking hands with The Finance Minister of Iceland. ( Looks as though it was taken on the Chief Minister’s Blackberry by Mike Brown and sent to Jamie Falla at Frossard House to start the spin machine. Total speculation of course.)


The release, intended as a statement on the 25% further repayment of depositors money, which is totally down to the work of the Administrators and absolutely nothing to do with Guernsey’s Government, now gives the immediate impression, by the photo which dominates it, that the Chief Minister’s visit to Iceland played some part, which of course it didn’t.


It's this sort of spin and misleading information which annoys depositors and only goes to increase their frustration.